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Information and data contained in the section “Technical Information” must be considered as a completing part of each family type of capacitor.
Before using a Kendeil capacitor in any application, please read carefully the related specifications included in the catalogue.
An improper installation or not respecting parameters limits might cause damage to the components, their characteristics modification and a decrease of their reliability and useful life.
Products manufactured by Kendeil are made with maximum care, in order to result free of defects in design, materials and workmanship, according with adequate specifications and international standard requirements.


Cooperation between Customers and Kendeil is basically precious in order to solve problems or when a failure occurs.
In case of complaint you might have, please forward the following information along with an immediate communication of the failure.
Only upon previous agreement with Kendeil, you could send a detailed description of failure, indicating operative condition and type of application, number of defective pieces, eventually expressed in percent on whole quantity used. It is mandatory to know the original batch of goods as printed on the capacitor sleeve or labeled on the box, also let us know the delivery date and others relevant data from the billing documents. Samples of defective products should be sent to Kendeil for analysis, packed in order to prevent additional damages different from the ones detected.
Data sheets specifications are referred to a fairly large number of components and do not constitute a guarantee of characteristics or properties in the legal sense. However, agreement on these specifications does not mean that the Customer may not claim for replacement of individual defective capacitors within the terms of delivery; Kendeil will not assume any further liability beyond the replacement of defective capacitors. This applies in particular to any further consequences of component failure as better specified further in this section.
A single failure among a delivered batch of capacitors should not be meaningful of poor reliability of the whole production batch, but should be understood to have reached incidentally the end of life within the failure rate defined for each series type.


When dealing with rilevant systems or devices in vital environments, such as those used in the following areas: AIRCRAFT, SECURITY, MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS or in any application requesting high level criteria of reliability, we recommend that customers should try an in-deep test of electrical circuits before using the devices either in field either at end user side.
Any improper use of the capacitors will let the Kendeil firm “no liable”. In order to avoid unexpected accidents or misunderstandings that lead to improper usage of devices, caused by negligency or inexperience, all protections might be taken in action, including circuitry redundancy or fault tolerance design.


Kendeil liability shall be limited to only replacement of repairing of goods, free of charge, after aknowledge of received notification by customer.
Kendeil is not responsible for any possible damage to persons or things, of any kind, derived from improper installation, use of application of its products.
Also, the producer shall not be liable for any defect due to accident, fair wear and tear, negligent use, tampering, improper handling and shipment, operation and storage or any other default on the parts of any person other then Kendeil.
To the maximum extent permitted by above statements, in no event shall Kendeil or its referred dealers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including without limitation, special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages for personal injury, loss of business profits, business interruption or any pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use Kendeil products.
In the case of any product liability claim from third parties against Kendeil, not falling within Kendeil liability, Customer or Buyer should hold Kendeil harmless.