Electrical Vehicles

In the last decade with the rising adoption of cars using alternative propulsion technologies, management of electrical current and circuits is becoming essential, innovations and technical challenges are offering new, exciting opportunities. These capacitors reflect the industry’s need for components with better performances and the capability to withstand most automotive applications.
These demands are fulfilled by our products, in fact year after year we are accelerating the future, because like virtually all electronic fields, automotive systems make extensive use of capacitors and aluminum electrolytic ones are employed in convenience systems like window wipers and motors used for automatic windows, seats, air conditioning and other purposes.
Moreover, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used in engine control units (ECU) to control batteries, gas- and diesel-engine controls and electric motor drives for uses like fuel pumps and fans. These devices also are employed in key safety and control systems like airbag controls, power steering and braking systems. Additionally, film capacitors can be found in keyless entry systems and tire-pressure monitoring systems.
Finally, EVs, plug-in hybrids and some other types of motor vehicles employ electric drive trains that put increased requests on electronic components and subsystems. In these vehicles, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors are used in drive-train applications including motor inverters, DC/DC converters, boost inverters, on-board chargers wall chargers and mainly in electric car charging stations.
Different types of capacitors are requested for different working condiotions, Kendeil suggest to look at electrolytic K05, K75, K76, K95 and film capacitor K38.
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