Industrial end-use market segments have taken on a greater degree of importance in capacitors development, especially for regulations regarding power and lighting efficiency and energy independence are increasing demand for industrial grade capacitors in professional electronics.
Large screw and snap-mount aluminium capacitors also are used in power applications as well for industrial environments including: UPS, power drive, power transmission and distribution, motor run of large home appliances, such as air conditioning equipment and refrigerators, switchmode power supplies and DC to DC converter and many other fragmented sub-markets for capacitors.
Applications Industrial
Other applications could require additional criterions, for example capacitor that must resist to vibrations, Kendeil has developed a novel method, designing the can to get an octagonal shape, to stabilize the internal winding, ensuring long life terms.
Kendeil offers a vast selection of screw type capacitor to withstand this kind of application, from the entry level K01, K02 families, to more performant K91, K92 and K21, K22 with a very low ESR and high ripple current, or if you need to work down to -55°C in our catalogue you’ll find K18, K19, than our special K41, K42 geometrically designed to be vibration resistant. Otherwise, if you need snap in type, Kendeil has developed specialized designs, from K05, K06 and K04, to K15, K16, then the ultra-compact K25, K26 and the high performant K85, K95. Finally, we offer film capacitors too, depending on your need you can choose between K33, K36, K37, K38.
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