Medical is one of the fundamental fields on which technology must be 100% unfailing, patients and healthcare personnel relies on good functioning of medical equipment.
Because of this peculiar security need (failure is not an option), every single capacitor that is shipped from our industrial plant is before tested, Kendeil guarantees a certain life, dependently on the series and on operating temperatures. Different versions and personalized design are a commonplace in our technical department, moreover, we’ll assist you in sizing capacitor electrical parameters, to be integrated with your particular circuital needs.
Medical Applications
Kendeil currently supplies capacitors for three main medical areas: X-rays machines for large scale imaging equipment, precise laser beamers, used in optical surgery, dental care, tattoo removal and others, another application area is intense pulsed light (IPL) for which, the main use is for stationary devices for hair removal, that should generate millions flashes.
To achieve better performances ad longer life Kendeil suggests you to look for 105° professional series, both in screw and snap-in families: K02, K92, K22, K42, K05, K75, K91 and K95, depending on the application, but also 85° series are used, for example, x-rays machines don’t need heavy energy dissipation, so capacitors won’t reach critical temperatures and you could mount K01, K06. Finally, you could also search in film type capacitors: K33, K36, K37.
Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department asking further information.