green energy

Throughout the world, industries are understanding that is happening an energy transition to green sources. All renewable energy systems offer great potential, but need for high-efficiency power circuits and mostly a stable reserve for this energy, whatever the source is: light, heat or mechanical motion, moreover every system will need auxiliary circuits converting energy from DC to AC, vice versa or even DC to DC. Capacitors are commonly present in those scenarios.
That said, capacitors have been evolving to perform better and last longer, ours, depending on series are guaranteed from 5’000h to 20’000h at nominal working temperature and voltage. New generations of photovoltaic panels and modern wind power plant need different kind of capacitor, Kendeil provides two types: electrolytic and film capacitors.
Electrolytic are a good fit for many renewable energy applications. With much higher power density than film caps, they can be a good choice in circuits below 600 Vdc, otherwise would need capacitors placed in banks or ask us about our modules. Inverters typically require high capacitance to handle peak load requirements that electrolytic handle well.
Film capacitors intended primarily for high voltage and high-current applications, such as dc-links and power semiconductor snubbers. They are especially well suited for the types of high-frequency inverters used in green energy power conversion.
To satisfy your green needs Kendeil offers electrolytic solutions K21, K22 K25, K26, K55, K75, K85, K91, K92, K95 and film capacitors series K36, K37 and K38 depending on the application/circuital solution.
Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department asking further information.