Life Calculation

When accessing this page you will be enabled to use an interesting feature of the website: The Capacitor Life Expectancy Calculator, an easy way to calculate the useful lifetime of the selected capacitor. Values displayed in the results page should be meaningful under given conditions such as ambient temperature, airflow rate and currents at the frequency spectrum.


After having completed the registration follow these steps: go to ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS section, then select SCREW TERMINALS or SNAP IN capacitors family, click on "Search" botton at the rightmost side.


Depending on selection, the capacitors will be listed. The Life Calculator is activated when clicking on the Calc botton, if showed, aside on the same row of the capacitor’s characteristics.


Please remember that the password is for personal use only. While the registration has unlimited time usage, you may ask to be cancelled for any reason, simply send a message request to the Kendeil website.


Attention: the calculation is correctly made only when your computer has the Pop-ups enabled, in case of no working, check the browser (Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla) and do activate Pop-ups.

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